IEFTA Newsletter – Spring 2017

Dear friends and supporters,

Our mission at IEFTA is multi-fold: to discover and promote emerging talent in cinema from around the world, to encourage dialogue among filmmakers, to promote cultural diversity and international understanding, and to engage the art of cinema.

With our focus firmly planted on developing regions worldwide, IEFTA’s Global Film Expression Initiatives provide opportunity and education to those striving for cinematic expression but with limited access to resources.


Accomplishments in 2016

Last year marked the 10th Anniversary of IEFTA. In tandem with the lasting impact we made at the 2016 Festival de Cannes, we also:

Refugee Voices in Film 18 MAY 2016

Hosted and produced Refugee Voices in Film in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Marché du Film

New Partnerships January 2016

Established new partnerships with the Watersprite Film Festival and the International Film Initiative Bangladesh (IFIB).

10 Years of Film Initiatives May 2016

IEFTA passes the 10 year milestone of funding initiatives on film education.


These accomplishments and new partnerships have laid a strong foundation for our mission and objectives this year in Cannes.


Goals for 2017

We are proud to already be making a difference in 2017. Just recently, IEFTA facilitated a major campaign with UNHCR to spread awareness of the dangers of Yemen sea crossings, as rising numbers of refugees and migrants are lured by smugglers on a perilous journey to conflict and humanitarian crisis. At the heart of this multi-lingual campaign is a song created by prominent musicians from around the region and an accompanying video directed by Amr Salama, an up and coming Egyptian film director. The song is called #DangerousCrossings – click here to watch the music video.

Other initiatives this year include:

A Second Conference  MAY 21, 2017

We will host our second conference in collaboration with UNHCR and Marché du Film. We have been working closely with UNHCR to prepare a meaningful event focused on effective campaign strategies for today’s major issues.

Watersprite Film Festival  MARCH 10-12, 2017

As a partner of the Watersprite Film Festival, we will sponsor the winner of the Watersprite’s Future Filmmaker Award, bringing them to Cannes and take part in the Marché du Film’s three-day Producers Workshop.

From Dhaka to Cannes   May 18 – 24, 2017

IEFTA and IFIB will host the inaugural “From Dhaka to Cannes” for emerging Bangladeshi filmmakers. Three talented filmmakers will be chosen to join us this year in Cannes to participate in the Producers Workshop at the Marché du Film. They will have the opportunity to network, learn new industry-related skills and meet important leaders in the film community.

Mongolian Filmmakers   May 18 – 24, 2017

We will be sponsoring two filmmakers from Mongolia to participate in the seven-day Producers Network this year in Cannes.


With a full agenda for 2017, we look forward to your continued support of the filmmakers in our organisation and are excited about the coming year.


President of the IEFTA