Global Film Forum

The Global Film Forum (GFF) is a place where government leaders, film commissioners and representatives of national film industries can meet writers, directors, producers, studio executives and other creative partners.

Invited speakers offer “case studies” and discuss experiences of shooting in developing countries. As a result of such introductions, discussions and conversations, the GFF provides delegates from the developing world the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to attract feature film production to their countries.

Keynotes and panels will be lead by established entertainment industry professionals on the following topics:


1) Production and Safety

How safe is it to bring crew and talent on location? What production systems and infrastructure are in place? Are common fears myth or reality?

financials2) Financial Procedures

The financial transactions of a location shoot should be “transparent.” Standard accounting procedures, payroll and billing/receiving must conform to accepted international norms.

sound-board3) Professionalism

Producers and directors want to know production resources are available on location. From finding (or training) competent crews to the provision of adequate accommodation, transportation and guest services, the requirements of production are varied and complex. Meeting them takes planning.

Film slate and money

4) Investment Opportunities, Financial Structures and Tax Laws

What incentives, rebates and tax credits are available for film production? How timely and efficiently are they administered? This panel will address the core financial issues involved in attracting global film production.