4 filmmakers at Berlinale European Film Market Co-Pro Market

4 filmmakers at Berlinale European Film Market Co-Pro Market

IEFTA selects 4 emerging filmmakers for participation in Berlinale’s Co-Production Market Visitor’s Programme.

17 February 2021: Berlinale’s Co-Production Market Visitor’s Programme gives emerging producers the opportunity to explore the international co-production market scene, expand their networks, and learn through attending the case studies and panel discussions held during EFM.

Learn below about the selected filmmaker’s participating in the program.


Sara Chitambo

Sara Chitambo is a filmmaker based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Documentary Production from Sussex University and  made her first short film as part of the National Film and Video Foundation Women Filmmakers Slate in 2018.  Her 2010 film Climate Theatre, was filmed, edited, and received awards at the Climate Change Summit in Cancun, Mexico in November 2010 as well as at the Royal Commonwealth Society UK Vision Awards the same year.  As a director, Sara Chitambo is passionate about telling authentic, emotionally compelling stories and serious about continually mastering her craft as a filmmaker. She also serves as the spokesperson for the creative industry advocacy entity Sisters Working in Film and Television (SWIFT).

Selected for IEFTA’s Mentorship program at Durban FilmMart 2020.


Miral El-Fakharany

Miral El-Fakharany is a Egyptian-American producer with over ten years of hands-on experience in feature films, television, and advertising, including projects in Egypt, UAE, and the United States. She began her career in advertising, working with high end brands such as Samsung and Ford. Miral is passionate about social impact and aims to shepherd and produce stories that exemplify the causes in which she believes. Her most recent project as producer, Snow White, was selected for the 7th Cairo Film Connection (CFC) and was also an official selection for the RAWI Screenwriters Lab, a collaboration between Sundance and The Royal Film Commission in Jordan. She has a wealth of global production experience and strategic expertise in production.

Selected for IEFTA’s Mentorship program at Cairo International Film Festival’s Cairo Film Connection 2020.


Henock Shiferaw

Henock Shiferaw is a 24 year old Ethiopian avionics technician turned filmmaker. Henock explored various career paths, from sales to digital marketing, before settling into a long term position as an editor at XX (enter media company name here) media company. Through his work, Henock’s passion for film has grown. He is currently working on his directorial debut for his short film, Flickering Lights.

Selected for IEFTA’s Mentorship program at the 4th GFE Ethiopia Conference 2020.


Aya Yusuf

Aya Yusuf an Egyptian producer, director and editor. Aya graduated with a degree in Mass Communications from Cairo University and began working as an editor and producer for television and online content. Her experiences working in various media organisations sparked her passion for documentary film and the impact it can have on raising awareness for human rights and social injustice issues. Aya joined See Media Production in 2013, an independent audiovisual company dedicated to telling stories that have an impact. She began working on more in-depth, creative, feature length documentaries. Aya has edited 11 short and 5 feature length documentaries. Aya is currently in production on her first feature documentary film Before The Final Picture.

Selected for IEFTA’s Mentorship program at Cairo International Film Festival’s Cairo Film Connection 2020.