Announcing Filmmakers to Attend INTRO:DOX at CPH:DOX 2024

Announcing Filmmakers to Attend INTRO:DOX at CPH:DOX 2024

Collaborating with the Copenhagen International Documentary festival (CPH:DOX) in support of up and coming undiscovered talent for the second year running, IEFTA has (in partnership with Docmonde) sourced, selected and granted travel bursaries to the following two talented filmmakers Marie Ka  (Senegal) for her project “Maty”, and Riskya Duavania (Indonesia) for their project “Becoming Cik San”.

* Packages consist of Flights, Accommodation and Accreditation shared by both IEFTA and Docmonde.


Maty, 35, lives a long-distance relationship with Zakaria, 62, between Dakar and Bordeaux. Their story, forged by intensive telephone calls, culminates in a marriage that offers Maty emancipation from her life as a waitress and social recognition. Only it’s not that simple. Maty must now face the social pressure that comes with being a proper married woman.


Marie Ka


Marie Ka started her career in Senegal, founding the production company Picture Box whose works have been screened and broadcasted on numerous festivals and TV channels on four continents. An award-winning director, she also produces works that speak to the values she holds dear. A firm believer of the sacredness of storytelling, she trusts that Africa and its diaspora hold the future of content creation and that world screens are urgently lacking afro talent and stories.

Becoming Cik San

Overview: At the age of 23, Riskya (they/them) fears growing up and living independently after graduating from college. Living in a traditional Javanese Muslim family, Riskya have always been expected to grow up as a woman with traditional Muslim values who will marry after reaching adulthood. This has made them feel uncomfortable at home because they cannot be themselves. As a result, they often leave home to avoid the family. In their quest for identity, Riskya wanders with their camera and black hijab in various places, under the bustling city light to the quietness of the beach and mountains. This continues until Riskya meets Cik San (65) at a flea market in a city far from their home. Like a role model, Cik San advises Riskya that in order to move forward, one must take risks. Unlike Riskya, at the age of 20, Cik San left their stable life at home to travel to the big city and find their true self. Inspired by their story, Riskya also wants to begin their risky journey.

Throughout the film, Riskya questions on how much does freedom cost? Will Riskya’s journey be similar to Cik San’s? Will Riskya’s family accept them as who they are or will Riskya continue to live a double life? Through these reflections, Riskya will lead their own journey to attain freedom.



Riskya Duavania


Riskya (they/them) is Indonesian filmmaker, film editor and previously film programmer in the Festival Film Dokumenter Yogyakarta. Their on-going first feature project, “Becoming I, Riskya”, is about their transformative journey towards freedom that has been developed in Asia DocMonde 2023, Docs by The Sea 2022 & 2023. Riskya also won the Spotlight Award from IDFA to participate in the IDFAcademy 2023.

What is CPH:DOX?

CPH:DOX is the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival and is one of the biggest documentary film festivals in the world, and will run from March 13 to March 24, 2024.

What is INTRO:DOX?

INTRO:DOX is a dedicated two-day industry event for emerging documentary professionals, held during the CPH:DOX on 17-18 March 2024.

What is Docmonde?

Docmonde supports documentary filmmakers at every stage: writing, finding producers and distribution, with training programs and international co-production meetings have been set up in 6 regions of the world.