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IEFTA has initiated yet another collaboration of opportunity with VRTL. Immerse yourself in the art and craftsmanship of VR storytelling and its specific production process, composed by award-winning creators....

IEFTA’s From Addis to Cannes alumni Moges Tafesse presents the world premiere of his film Enchained at the Richmix Community Arts Centre in Shoreditch, London....

Made under the patronage of the UN Refugee Agency and explicitly aimed at raising awareness of the global refugee crisis, Beyond the Raging Sea is an odd documentary that combines a humanitarian message with high adventure. Its first hour chronicles the harrowing ordeal of two Egyptian athletes, Omar Samra and Omar Nour, who with no previous nautical experience set out to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a high-tech rowboat guaranteed not to capsize, even in the strongest storms....

'Beyond the Raging Sea' premieres at the El Gouna Film Festival to a sold out screening. The epic documentary made under the patronage of the UN Refugee Agency and directed by Marco Orsini combines a poignant humanitarian message with high adventure and explicitly aiims to raise awareness of the global refugee crisis....

In this year’s third edition of El Gouna Film Festiva's #CinemaforHumanity initiative IEFTA will hold a round tables, panels and mentorship for filmmakers and organizations to talk about innovative and creative approaches when filming humanitarian crises around the globe. ...