Alyaa Musa Selected to attend IEFTA Scholarship at APOSTLab’s Annual Workshop

Alyaa Musa Selected to attend IEFTA Scholarship at APOSTLab’s Annual Workshop

We are happy to announce that Producer Alyaa Musa (Sudan) has been selected for IEFTA’s Scholarship Opportunity with her project The Camera Never Cries to attend the 14th APOSTLab Annual Post-Production Workshop that will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from the 26th. to the 31st of October 2023.

APOSTLab’s 14th Annual Workshop is a training module that provides group work, individual training, plenaries, flash sessions and presentations, providing Alyaa with an opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge and practical experience in the intricacies of production for international co-productions, with a producer and a post-production supervisor giving feedback and input to the films/series.

Alyaa Musa (Sudan)

Toolbox EFM, EAVE and Berlinale talent alumni, Alyaa studied Filmmaking at London Film School and has MA with distinction in Cinematography and Post production from the University of Greenwich. She has multiple creative credits in a number of internationally recognized shorts. A co-founder of Black Balance Artistic Production, Sudan and Tooma Production, Rwanda, Alyaa is currently directing a feature creative documentary and a docuseries. Also writing and producing the feature doc in production ‘The Camera Never Cries’, Cannes docs spotlighted project 2023 . Alyaa co-produced ‘Omi Nubo’- ‘The New Man’, 2023 Capo Verde, Belgium, Germany and Sudan, winner of FESPACOs’s best documentary.

For the last four years, Elsadig and Abuzar have been trying to make a film about the Sudanese revolution. The journey of this project starts when they realize that they accidentally filmed each other during the bloody morning of the massacre of Khartoum in June 2019. They continue filming their stark reality, inevitably becoming each other’s protagonists.

Selected for IEFTA’s Scholarship Opportunity at APOST Lab’ 14th Annual Post-production Workshop.

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