Collaboration on 1st DAE Coalition Showcase

Collaboration on 1st DAE Coalition Showcase

IEFTA and DAE collaborate for 1st DAE Coalition Showcase

IEFTA and the Documentary Association of Europe (DAE) select 5 documentary film projects from emerging filmmakers to participate in the first ever DAE Coalition Showcase held on 19 May 2021.

Represented in the showcase were filmmakers from Bangladesh, South Africa, Egypt, Jamaica and Germany/Jordan. Each project received a 30 minute slot to present their work-in-progress and receive feedback from industry experts.

In attendance were professionals representing development programs, film festivals, and financiers including IDFA Forum, Dok Leipzig, the World Cinema Fund, One World Human Rights Film Festival, Circle: Women’s Doc Accelerator as well as international producers.

The Projects

“Jute Days of Our Life”

Istiak Shaon (Bangladesh)

Logline: Jute is the future to save the world, yet the future of jute people and their whole world is falling apart.

“Before the Final Picture”

Aya Yusuf (Egypt)

Logline: “Before the Final Picture” follows the story of Samar and Sanaa; two friends slowly rebuilding their lives after suffering Acid attacks, leaving them disfigured and partially blind for life.

“Tell Them About Us”

Rand Beiruty (Germany/Jordan)

Logline: In the German province, a clique of Arab, Kurdish and Roma teenage girls navigate their way into adulthood between two cultures. Long-term observational documentary is woven with a stylized mix of genres, taking cues from the girls’ hopes and imaginary worlds.

“Cockpit Country”

Randall Richards and Kerry Chen (Jamaica)

Logline: A deep reveal into the people and places at the heart of the Cockpit Country – a biodiverse rainforest, and a place of mystical significance for the Maroons(Africans who escaped from slavery and established free communities in the mountain interior)who fought and won the right to inhabit the land.

“Black People Don’t Get Depressed”

Sara Chitambo (South Africa)
Logline: A filmmaker on a personal journey of dealing with her mental health issues connects to a supportive online community and through it investigates the struggles, rituals and triumphs in an attempt to demystify depression on the Continent and in the diaspora.