DAE & IEFTA Showcase

DAE & IEFTA Showcase

On the heels of European Film Market (EFM) at the Berlinale Film Festival, IEFTA collaborated with the Documentary Association of Europe (DAE), to prepare five filmmakers for a presentation showcase to leading industry professionals followed by roundtable discussion, with the aim to help the carefully chosen and talented individuals attain the next level with their projects and careers. 

The Process

For 6 weeks, IEFTA met with 5 teams of filmmakers, reviewed written and visual materials and advised how to edit and revise both in order to position the projects most favorably.

Filmmakers delivered 2 page applications, featuring loglines, overviews and director’s statements, along with 5-10 minute pitch videos, including an introduction to the project and a sample of the work in progress.

An Honour

IEFTA is honoured to be actively part of this showcase for DAE and feels equally honoured to work with the talented filmmakers it presents and represents.

Additional Information

DAEFounded in 2020 to secure the best conditions for documentary filmmaking and unite a community in the face of an ever-changing audiovisual market. DAE acts and advocates for everyone working in documentary storytelling professions inside and outside of Europe and creates resources, programming and events to solidify these primary interests.