Don’t Miss the Final Session of “Off-The-Record” Seminars Hosted by IEFTA & DAE

Don’t Miss the Final Session of “Off-The-Record” Seminars Hosted by IEFTA & DAE

The final IEFTA-hosted DAE “Off the Record” session will take place on December 7th, the third of three informative and educational seminars on Reading Contracts. If you missed the previous two highly successful seminars this is the time to sign up and register your spot to gain knowledge about this important topic from industry experts.

In this third installment Tijana Djukic, being a Sales Agent herself for creative documentaries as well as factual entertainment, will explain the role of a Sales Agent in the audiovisual ecosystem and how filmmakers can make a watertight deal. This session is about contracts between producers, and is thus targeted at producers, however professionals from all disciplines are welcome!

We encourage interested filmmakers to register for the online webinar and take advantage of this opportunity to gain more insight and be prepared for this crucial stage of film production and distribution.

Reading Contracts or how I learned to stop worrying and read the small print 

This seminar will be on 7 December, 15:00 – 17:30 GMT+1 (Berlin/Paris/Amsterdam time), led by Tijana Djukic. Check out more info and Tijana’s biography here! And sign up for the zoom here!

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