Emerging Talent at Dok Leipzig


Emerging Talent at Dok Leipzig

IEFTA is collaborating with Dok Leipzig to showcase five talented documentary filmmakers with works-in-progress.

The filmmakers will pitch their projects to key industry professionals and decision makers with the goal to expand their network and move their projects forward.


Recipient of the Marché du Film Cannes Docs Docs-in-Progress Award 2020

Synopsis: Holy Craft examines the peculiarities of religion, labor, capital and gender all intersecting at a Catholic figurines factory in the Philippines, where devout LGBTQ workers and outcasts pray to the same items they make. The film goes beyond the critique of the business of religion by focusing on the people behind the scenes and how they live and work within the absurdity of it all.

Directed by: Joseph Mangat, Philippines


Selected as IEFTA’s documentary award winner at GAIFF Pro 2020

Synopsis: In a conservative Armenian family, 15-year-old Karine dreams of becoming a veterinarian as she loves animals. Her patriarchal family, especially her father, is against Karine’s goals as it is not an appropriate job for a woman. To make matters worse, her father is also a well-known dog- fighter. This documentary explores Karine’s struggle to decide whether to follow her dreams or remain the ever-obedient daughter in the patriarchal society she lives in.

Directed by Lilit Movsisyan, Armenia


Selected through IEFTA’s participation in Dhaka Doc Lab 2020

Synopsis: Kamrunnahar Munni (34) is an assistant teacher at a government primary school and leads a girl’s sports federation in Tangail, Bangladesh. Thirty-two girls between 12-18 years old are members of the federation and play football. Munni believes that playing sports can inspire confidence, improve overall well-being and most importantly, act as a measure to prevent child marriage among these young girls. The local community is not ready to accept this shift and stigmatises Munni and the girls. Despite the many barriers, familial and financial hardships, Munni perseveres and continues on, leading the girls to win many matches and achievements.

Directed by: Tahrima Khan, Bangladesh


Synopsis: Unfulfilled with playing small stages, yet out of practice, upstart musician Wukyanos decides to form a reggae band with the aim of performing at a major annual music festival, where his idol Alpha Blondy once performed. Within a tight timeline of six months he must find instruments, negotiate a rehearsal space and convince musicians to join his band titled ContraBand. Wukianos’ work as a French language teacher is enough to support himself and get the band off the ground, but not enough to sustain them. With no stipend to offer, some of the new members abandon him. Then Wukyanos receives news from the festival organizer’s- Selam Festival- that ContraBand will not be included for this year’s event. This big blow to the only thing that was keeping the band together becomes the beginning of a surprising new chapter.

Co-directed by Dirbdil Assefa and Henok Legesse, Ethiopia


Selected through IEFTA’s collaboration with the Jamaican Film & Television Association (JAFTA)

Synopsis: The Black Man is an experimental documentary series that not only explores but celebrates black Jamaican men of varying backgrounds and circumstance, including the differently-abled. Having made previous documentaries on individuals with disabilities I began to realise that there were also layers to the hierarchy of masculinity for them. I never thought of that before this. Through the series I hope to share the stories and empower the experiences of Jamaican men and hopefully expand to study men in other territories and cultures.

Directed by Gabrielle Blackwood, Jamaica

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