‘Enchained’ International VOD release on Habeshaview

‘Enchained’ International VOD release on Habeshaview

Ethiopian film ‘Enchained’ set for release on VOD through IPTV platform habeshaview

Quragnaye (“Enchained”), one of the most successful Ethiopian films of 2019, is scheduled for VOD release on Saturday 18 April 2020.

Look for it on the newly launched IPTV platform habeshaview.

Written & Directed by Moges Tafesse, Enchained, asks the question, “How far would you go to obtain justice from one who has wronged you? Would you take matters into your own hands or trust the legal system to deliver an appropriate punishment?”.

Set in 1911, Enchained is a story that examines a fascinating traditional practice discarded during Ethiopia’s journey to modernity. Until the mid-19th century in Ethiopia, prisons did not exist; rather crime and punishment were organised around the concept of restorative justice. Enchained probes the rift between an older, oral and holistic approach (encompassing not just legal processes but social life, culture and politics) and modern and discreet systems of law and justice built on the written word and physical detention. What’s revealed is how much the current system has to learn from its predecessor about justice and real life.

“This is magic realism at its best. Combining breath-taking landscapes with superb performances piqued by humour and irony, Tafesse takes the audience by storm in a tense and moving ethnological drama suffused with passion, jealousy and bitter anger of the traditional Ethiopian establishment.”

— Filmuforia.

Enchained had its sold-out world premiere on 19th October 2019 at Rich Mix in London and has since toured internationally and screened to acclaim at festivals worldwide.

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Writer & Director: Moges Tafesse
Production Company: Synergy Habesha Films
Composers: Caress, Teweldebirhan Girmay, Jorga Mesfin
Cinematographer: Billy Mekonnen
Editor: Nahom Girma

Length: 98 minutes
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