“Enchained” World Premiere

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“Enchained” World Premiere

The world premiere of “Enchained” airs at Rich Mix, London

IEFTA’s From Addis to Cannes alumni Moges Tafesse presents the world premiere of his film Enchained at the Rich Mix Community Arts Centre in Shoreditch, London. Join us for the red-carpet event on October 19, 2019.

The film will attempt to illustrate the rift between the old oral all-encompassing system (which includes not just legal process but also social life, culture and politics) and modus operandi of law and the current confusion of law and justice within current generation. The film also endeavours to show how the old generation was enlightened in its own way while the modern generation is only enlightened to western thoughts and undermines its own heritage. Hence, it is also a call to remember and appreciate the past in order to move forward.

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