IEFTA Masterclass at Atlan Khalis Film Festival

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IEFTA presents ‘Advice for Emerging Filmmakers from Developing Nations’ live streamed to Atlan Khalis Film Festival followers.

The Atlan Khalis Film Festival is an independent film festival held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from 3-9 June. The international jury included a strong presence of industry leaders, including the IEFTA and this year selected national and international winners across four categories of short film.

In addition to some forty plus film screenings, a range of masterclasses were delivered to participants. Bernadette Schramm Global Film Expression’s Director, presented a Masterclass on the topic ‘Advice for Emerging Filmmakers from Developing Nations’ which was live streamed to followers of Atlan Khalis Film Festival helping to widen the reach of our message.