Introducing Africa Hub Talks 2020

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IEFTA is partnering with the Berlinale Africa Hub to offer panels, presentations and talks at the Africa Hub Talk 2020, taking place from 21 – 25 February 2020.

Africa Hub Talks offer the latest insights into the African film industry with daily talks within Berlinale Africa Hub. Tackling market-relevant topics and a broad pan-continental African scope the sessions will take place daily on the 1st floor of the Marriott Hotel, Berlinale Africa Hub commencing Friday, 21 February to Tuesday, 25 February from 15:30 – 16:30. A full schedule is listed below.

For more information, please contact Lacey Tu at

Africa Hub Talks 2020
Dates: 21-25 Feb 2020
Location: 1st Floor, Marriot Hotel, Berlinale Africa Hub



15:30 – 16:30

African Development Pools in Focus

Engage @ Berlinale Africa Hub

The Berlinale Africa Hub will be home of the latest edition of Engage. Engage is a series of critical think tank and panel conversations on the future perspectives of the African and African diaspora screen industries held at various film festival and markets on and off the African continent. Following a closed by-invitation-only Engage think tank on African talent development initiatives, the status quo of north-south collaborations, south-south collaborations as well as synergies between the African continent and its diasporas, the Berlinale Africa Hub will host this public-facing panel resuming one of the think tank discussions.

Subsequent to the think tank, an Engage report will be drafted and made available via the EFM’s website. Engage @ Berlinale Africa Hub is organised in partnership with DOX BOX, Awotélé, United Screens and SAVVY Contemporary.

Menzi Mhlongo (Talents Durban, South Africa)
Mehret Manfredo (Realness Institute, Ethiopia)

Tiny Mungwe (Talent Developer, South Africa)


15:30 – 16:30

Film & Tech: Does Africa Need a Silicon Valley?

Berlinale Africa Hub

Some believe that big tech offers developing economies a global platform. Others say ceding control of data and markets to the west could cripple societies. How can a start-up culture and technology help to develop the film industry on the African continent? What are the challenges and risks?

Michael Maponga (Afroland TV, USA / EFM Startup selection 2020)
Manuel Badel (Digital Bridge Project, Canada)
Moses Acquah (Afrolynk, Ghana)

Aimee Umutoni (Film Commissioner, Rwanda)


15:30 – 16:30

Spotlight: Sudan’s Awakening as a Film Industry Contender

Berlinale Africa Hub
Sudan has emerged as the-up-and-coming African film market, with talented filmmakers, storytellers and key-players all focused on making their mark on the film industry internationally. This session will explore Sudan’s emerging film industry, new initiatives and international collaboration opportunities.


Mohamed Awad Farah (Sudanese Filmmaking Association)
Talal Afifi (Sudan Independent Film Festival)
Sara Abbas Karoum (Sudanese Filmmaking Association)

Prudence Kolong (Consultant, Sweden)

17:00 – 18:00

Networking Hour at Berlinale Africa Hub with IEFTA

Berlinale Africa Hub

Join IEFTA President Marco Orsini and some key IEFTA team members to learn about our initiatives to support creativity and provide opportunity through filmmaking in emerging countries throughout the world. RSVP to


15:30 – 16:30

Roadmaps: Forging New Synergies for Film Production with Foundations

Berlinale Africa Hub

‘Edutainment’ and other commissioned work by foundations – not only in Africa – bears sources for film producers often underestimated by cinephile creatives in the festival circuit. This panel explores latest developments in this zone, discussing how to best tap the potential for all involved.

Jarreth Merz (Urban Republic, Ghana)
Keith Shiri (British Film Institute, UK)
Tamara Dawit (Gobez Media, Canada)
Ragnhild Ek (Producer & Consultant, Sweden/Egypt)

Theresa Hill (Acquisitions Manager, South Africa)


15:30 – 16:30

The Role of TV for the African Continent and its Diasporas

Berlinale Africa Hub

The mythical mainstream audience no longer holds the sway it once did and has given way to the recognition of the existence of a multiplicity of audiences. Boosted by the technological power and outreach of VOD, OTT and TV platforms, this shift has led to the formation of businesses and strategies both within Africa itself and in its diasporas that aim to cater for audiences on and off the continent. TV contenders and larger corporations on the continent as well as in countries with large diaspora communities are increasingly targeting their content and marketing strategies towards both audiences. This panel will probe both the tastes of these audiences, the ways in which the platforms curate for them and the strategies employed to capture and captivate these audiences.

DeShuna Spencer (Kweli TV, USA)
Eve Accrombesi (Edan TV, UK)
Tigist Kebede (Habesha View, UK)

Coréon Dú (Creative Director, Angola)

For further information visit Africa Hub Talks 2020 at the Berlinale Africa Hub website.