Introducing Fireside Chat Series with Engage at DFM

Introducing Fireside Chat Series with Engage at DFM

Durban FilmMart, Cairo Industry Days and IEFTA are collaborating to present two fireside chats hosted by Engage. The first of which will take place at the Durban FilmMart in July and the second is to be held at the Cairo International Film Festival in December. The discussions will focus on the trends, dynamics and challenges faced by the African and Arab film industries.

The two discussions will bring together role players from both regions and will look at the challenges facing intra-continental co-productions, and the importance of cultural exchanges from filmmakers, audiences and industry role players, while also interrogating the divide that exists between the two regions.

Some of the topics will look at the distribution of projects from both regions, navigating co-production treaties and legal frameworks for successful coproductions, and how to foster a cultural bridge between the two while noting the differences that exist

About Durban FilmMart 2021

The Durban FilmMart will take place from 16 – 25 July with the theme “Disrupt! The Shape of Stories to come”.

Building on the success of it’s first all-digital market last year, the 12th Durban FilmMart will look to unpack the disruption that the film industry has had to navigate while celebrating the unique opportunities it has presented,

explains Magdalene Reddy, acting General Manager of the Durban FilmMart Institute. She continues:

We will also acknowledge key aspects that are unique to us as Africans - all while offering the same fair access across the industry, fostering community within the African film industry, and providing a platform for networking with an international market,

IEFTA at DFM 2021

IEFTA will continue its collaboration with DFM for the 3rd year to identify and support talented filmmakers from the African continent as well as host a Spotlight on projects from Lusophone Africa.

About Engage

Engage hosts a series of critical conversations in spaces where knowledge is concomitantly shared, procured and produced on the pertinent, challenging, and multi-faceted questions facing the African and African diaspora screen industries today. Engage has previously hosted these discussions at the Durban FilmMart, Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage, Africa Rising International Film Festival (ARIFF), Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and the EFM Africa Hub.

Taking the form of think tanks, panels and workshops at film festivals, film markets and other ad hoc events; the Engage spaces create conversations, involving stakeholders, practitioners and film professionals from across the filmic ecosystem. Looking at the future perspectives of the African and African diaspora screen industries with a focus on their growth, expansion and inter-connectivity.

As such, the Engage conversations explore topics such as pan-African collaborations, audience building, growing documentary filmmaking and audiences, decolonizing the screen, North-South relations and collaborations, South-South collaborations as well as co-operations with African diasporas and between African regions.

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For more information about the fireside chats or to find out more about registering for the events, please email