‘Refugee Voices in Film’ at Berlin’s EFM 2022

‘Refugee Voices in Film’ at Berlin’s EFM 2022

This year IEFTA, UNHCR and the European Film Market (EFM) at the Berlin Film Festival present the ‘Refugee Voices in Film’ program at EFM 2022.

Now in its 5th year, Refugee Voices in Film honors the imaginative and humanitarian efforts of filmmakers as they document the experience of those enduring irregular migration, whether from violence, famine, or political oppression.

Using Narrative, Documentary and Animation formats, selected filmmakers — many of them refugees themselves — share stories that too often go untold.

This year’s interactive program, premiering online at EFM and open to EFM registered participants, features works produced within the UNHCR‘s Telling the Real Story initiative that focus on the experience of women. In a first, we’re using data science to measure impact, courtesy of embedded QR codes in each segment that allow audiences to scan the code, engage with the films and get involved with the issues.

THU 10 FEB 2022

11:00hrs CET

FRI 11 FEB 2022

15:00hrs CET

EFM Online*

* Open to EFM accredited participants only.


Inspired by the UNHCR’s ‘Telling the Real Story (TRS)’ work on behalf of refugees, IEFTA partners with EFM to present a selection of the years most powerful and affecting films that reveal the untold stories of those forced to flee their homes and nations.

1. The Journey

The Journey  depicts a refugee’s path from conflict to international competition, revealing the power of sport to change the lives of forcibly displaced people everywhere.

2. Zahra & Nura’s Story

Nura is only 10 years old and about to undergo FGM when together with her friend, Zahra, they decide to flee. Inspired by true events, this is a tale of survival and hope. A story of the many children on the move, smuggled, trafficked and exploited.

3. Haweya’s Story

A short testimony of a single mother of 5 who struggles to support her children and live with the grief and hardship of not knowing where her son is after he embarked on tahriib.

4. Muna’s Story

Muna left her difficult life in Sudan with her husband and children for Libya in the hope of a better life only to experience and witness torture and death for nearly a year.

5. Maymum's Story

Maymun, a Somali refugee from Ethiopia, is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Florence thanks to the UNICORE program that offers refugee students an opportunity to pursue a master’s degree programme at an Italian university.

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