Refugee Voices in Film Schedule

Refugee Voices in Film Schedule

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Salle Bory – Palais des Festivals, Fourth Floor –  Cannes, France




Welcome Remarks

  • Welcome by Jérôme PaillardExecutive Director, Marché du Film
  • Welcome from Marco OrsiniPresident, IEFTA

Screening of UNHCR Trailer


Keynote address

Vincent Cochetel

European Bureau Director, UNHCR


Sharing Stories

We explore the ways that fiction and documentary filmmakers have responded to the worldwide crisis and how they have engaged and depicted refugees and their circumstances.

Screen highlights of their films

  • Elhum Shakerifar (UK/France – A Syrian Love Story)
  • Mary-Lyn Chambers (NZ/USA – Debris)
  • Laura Doggett (US – The Girl, Whose Shadow Reflects the Moon/Another Kind of Girl)
  • Rithy Panh (Cambodia – Exile)
  • Ragnhild Ek  (UNHCR/Cairo – Raghad’s Dream)




Screening of Annenberg Foundation Refugee Trailer

Global Responses on Screen

(Moderated by Lliana Bird, Broadcaster & Co-Founder of Help Refugees)

How do we make and share refugee stories? A look a new storytelling techniques, the approaches of broadcasters, the UN, NGOs and commercial distributors, and how these films can raise awareness and support fundraising efforts.

Screening of Broadcast Video Packages

  • Jon Laurence – Channel 4 (Two Billion Miles)
  • Mazen Hayek – MBC (Basmet Amal – Touch of Hope)
  • Edith Champagne – UNHCR Video Unit (The Long Journey)
  • Vincent Lucassen – Under The Milky Way/Global Nomads
  • Houssam Chahin – UNHCR (Public Engagement with the Cause)
  • Uwe Lothar Müller – ARTE




A Conversation with Activists / Filmmakers / Actresses Juliet Stevenson, Arta Dobroshi

Screen highlights of their respective films.


Giving Voice

Some of the most compelling works of recent cinema are about – and by – refugees. We will examine how these films raise awareness, how refugee stories are told and how many refugees are increasingly telling their own stories

Screen highlights of their respective films

  • Mahmoud Bitar (Syria – Don’t Come to Sweden)
  • Zahra Mackaoui(Lebanon/UK, Filmmaker)
  • Alice Bragg(World Film Collective)
  • Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (Chad – Bye Bye Africa, Aboud, A Screaming Man)
  • Melita Sunjic(Telling the Real Story)
  • Laurent Duarte(Festival International du Film des Droits de l’Homme)


Concluding Remarks


Conference Ends