Spotlight Projects at Cannes 2021

Spotlight Projects at Cannes 2021

In the ongoing collaboration with the Marché du Film, IEFTA are spotlighting four documentary works-in-progress by emerging filmmakers from across the globe at this year’s Cannes Docs.

The creators of the projects listed below will meet with potential funders, co-producers, festival programmers and other key industry professionals to help make their work become a reality. 

Black People Don’t Get Depressed (South Africa)

Director: Sara Chitambo      Producer: Cati Weinek

Log line: A Filmmaker on a personal journey of dealing with her mental health issues connects to a supportive online community and through it investigates the struggles, rituals and triumphs in an attempt to demystify depression on the Continent and in the diaspora.

Pour the Water as I Leave (Bosnia, USA)

Director: Daniela Repas  Producer: Jessica Daugherty

Log line: Pour The Water as I Leave is a feature length animated docu-fiction of war, resilience and hope where through fiction and fact, a poetic narrative of exodus unfolds in 1990s Bosnia.

The Whalers (Cape Verde)

Directors: P.J. Marcellino & Jerri Thrasher    Producer: Pedro Jose-Marcellino

Log line: From the final years of the slave trade, and up to the 1950’s; whaling ships crossed the world’s oceans crewed largely by intrepid (free) Black and Indigenous men, in a remarkably meritocratic and multicultural floating society still echoing today.

We the People of the Islands (Cape Verde, Mozambique)

Director: Elson Santos and Lara Sousa
Producer: Lara Sousa and Elson Santos

Log line: In 1965, in a secret operation, a group of 31 young Cape Verdeans, including a woman, embarked for Cuba, in order to receive military training to free the country from the clutches of colonialism. A history of ideals, convictions, utopias, and betrayals. The portrait of a youth who launched into a utopian and almost impossible adventure, guided by the dream of the liberation of their country, believing in another future was possible.