The Digital Landscape In Africa – IEFTA Hosts EFM Industry Session

The Digital Landscape In Africa – IEFTA Hosts EFM Industry Session

‘The Digital Landscape in Africa’, is a 60 minute panel discussion will unpack the emergence of indigenous platforms for VOD in the African audio visual space.

Presented by IEFTA, the event takes place at the European Film Market (EFM) on Friday 11 February at 5pm to 6pm.

Various discussants will focus on the impact of the local productions from streaming platforms as well as the volumes of content licences and how the local players are making impact on the industry.

The panel will try to understand how each of the local streaming platforms work while introducing and highlighting new start up streaming platforms. This session will also highlight the work done by online streaming platforms to develop and transform the sector.

With big players like Netflix and Amazon, entry into the market has come with a lot of industry development initiatives, as they each work to build a talent pipeline.

Topics for discussion include:

  • How the smaller platforms respond to the need to invest in script development, original content and extensive marketing?
  • What are the experiences and needs of African practitioners regarding industry development and how do local platforms fit in that picture?
  • How do streamers in the market for African content to ensure that African content on their platforms gets maximum viewership?
  • What kind of funding models, rights sharing and licensing deals make sense for the African market that benefits both platforms and creators alike?
  • How do these platforms support filmmaker voices to be heard?
  • What are the types of storytelling and narratives reflected on these platforms and how do these reflect the lived realities of African audiences?

Participants include:

Shamilla Fataar (ShowMax)
Tigist Kebede (Habesha View)
​Wilfred Kimui (Vumi Central)
Mayenzeke Baza (AAA Entertainment, South Africa)
Gugu Zuma Ncube (producer, The Wife, South Africa)
Elle Oosthuizen (producer, Devilsdorp, South Africa)

How to Participate

Please note only people accredited with an online market badge for the EFM can join via the listed industry sessions on the EFM website.


Following the session there will be a more informal networking zoom get-together from 6pm onwards. For further information, please contact

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