World Premiere: Beyond the Raging Sea

World Premiere: Beyond the Raging Sea

IEFTA co-hosts the world premiere of ‘Beyond the Raging Sea’ at El Gouna Film Festival

Made under the patronage of the UN Refugee Agency and explicitly aimed at raising awareness of the global refugee crisis, ‘Beyond the Raging Sea’ is a documentary by Marco Orsini that combines a poignant humanitarian message with high adventure.

21st September 2019: Beyond the Raging Sea chronicles the harrowing ordeal of two Egyptian athletes, Omar Samra and Omar Nour, who with no previous nautical experience set out to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a high-tech rowboat guaranteed not to capsize, even in the strongest storms. Narrated and filmed by the two men who embarked on this perilous undertaking and lived to tell a remarkable story.

Beyond the Raging Sea is a film that both echoes and illuminates the most pressing humanitarian challenge in the world today.

Production companies: Team 02, Film Clinic, Mojo Entertainment, Polaris Production, Queen Production in association with IEFTA, DHL, UNHCR, UNDP
Cast: Omar Samra, Omar Nour
Director: Marco Orsini
Screenwriters: Marco Orsini, Frederick L. Greene
Producers: Marco Orsini, Lizzy Lambley
Co-producer: Hassan Mahfouz
Director of photography: Ahmed Gabr
Editors: Dionisis Xenos, Vincent Cattaneo
Music: George Acogny
Venue: El Gouna Film Festival (out of competition)