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Myself and the board members of the IEFTA would like to thank you for your support last Tuesday night at the screening of “Dinner at the No Gos*”. We raised close to 7,500 Euros! These funds will go a long way to: Expand the filmmaker and film database. Create new information tools that enable the filmmakers to improve and develop their skills and interact internationally. Present a new updated list of grants/opportunities. Enhance the site and bring it up-to-date technically. continue film workshops in Addis Ababa. Again, thank you for your support! If you haven’t seen the photos from the event, please click on the links below. ...

Dear IEFTA community: Let me begin by belatedly wishing you all a Happy New Year.   Please accept my sincerest hopes for a safe and prosperous 2013 for you and your loved ones. It has been some time since I last had the opportunity to report on the work of the International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA), but it is my pleasure to do so today. As you know, the IEFTA’s mission is to promote film education in developing countries and to support emerging filmmakers internationally.  Since our inception in 2006, we have honored this mandate and 2012 has been no exception. We have had a very productive year. At the Cannes Film Festival last May, we hosted an event on behalf of three promising young Ethiopian filmmakers, raising funds to cover their travel to and participation at the festival, and showcasing their work on screen there and in Monte-Carlo.  Actor Billy Zane, our new advisory board member, and the honoraryAmbassador Tadelech of the Ethiopian Film Initiative (EFI), co-hosted.  It was an exciting, educational and memorable week for all participants. After our visit to Cannes, we met with our Ethiopian guests to discuss how best to support their continuing film education in country.   Among the many recommendations presented, one response was clear and simple:  movies.   With assistance from Monaco Stars & Bars, we held a month long DVD drive for classic films. We collected 100 DVD’s to augment the small but select library of filmed content at the Ethiopian Film Initiative. We also learned of a pressing need by the EFI for support to update, maintain and improve its website.  As a portal to the nation and its filmmakers,  the website is a clearinghouse for information about African film in general and a window on the state of its development.  We recognize a mission of critical imperative in this technological challenge. On October 5th, for the 4th year in a row, the IEFTA sponsored a film night at which we raised 6,350 Euros to be spent on the following Expand the EFI website’s filmmaker and film databases. Create digital tools to enable filmmakers to improve and develop their skills and interact internationally. Update the list of grants and opportunities. Update the design and enhance the technology of the site. Underwrite the provision of introductory & advanced film workshops in Addis Ababa. Simply put, we had another productive year in 2012. To continue our work, we have set ourselves two significant goals for the next 18 months. 1.        Continue our tradition of sponsoring 3 Ethiopian filmmakers at Cannes and inviting them to showcase their work in Monaco and Cannes. 2.        Co-Host an international conference in Addis Ababa to examine educational programs and film workshops throughout Africa in order to share successes, identify best practices and discover how to make these efforts sustainable. Board member Moira Griffith and consultant Mitch Levine are already at  work on the second objective which we plan to implement immediately after Cannes 2014.   Since we’ve achieved similar objectives in the past, we know that both are eminently attainable, subject only to our ability to finance them. Moving forward, I ask each of you to consider how you would like to be involved in the effort, whether contributing time, talent or resources or any combination thereof.  A prime sponsor for either project is always welcome, but there are so many ways you can meaningfully contribute and participate beyond signing a check.  While the rewards of involvement may be hard to quantify, the qualitative difference that you can make in the lives of our Ethiopian neighbors is frankly, staggering. I look forward to sharing with you our plans and our progress as we move forward; I trust you know by now that I won’t bombard you with emails! I can be reached at this email or the numbers listed below for any further information desired or questions unanswered about the IEFTA and our ambitious plans for 2013 and beyond. Sincerely, Marco Orsini PRESIDENT, IEFTA...

Dear friends of the IEFTA, It gives me great pleasure to share with you recent achievements and immediate plans for the International Emerging Talent Film Association for this coming 2014. As you well know, the IEFTA promotes film education in developing countries and supports emerging filmmakers internationally. Since our inception in 2006, we’ve honoured this mandate and this coming year will be no exception. Indeed, in 2013, we got to watch as one of our supported filmmakers stepped boldly onto the world stage. Working with the Ethiopian Film Initiative (EFI), our goal has been to raise the international profile of that nation’s film industry by showcasing the country’s best young filmmakers and helping them establish themselves in the international marketplace. In 2012, Yidnekachew Shumete was one of 3 Ethiopian filmmakers invited to Monaco and Cannes for workshops, programs and events surrounding the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. During his Cannes meetings, Shumete pitched his project, “Nishan” (or Medal Of Honor), which he then proceeded to get produced. Nishan premiered in competition at FESPACO in February 2013, before making the rounds of the international festival circuit. We are so proud of his progress and gratified by the opportunity to participate and assist. We’re confident that he’s on his way to a successful career amid continued creative growth and opportunity. Besides the continued development of filmmakers within the IEFTA, two of our board members, who have been active with us since our inception in 2006, have taken on more prominent roles within the film festival circuit. Mitch Levine, our consultant for the IETFF and the Addis to Cannes workshops, has accepted a position as the Executive Director of the Provincetown Film Society. Moira Griffin who runs the Global Film Expression (GFE) for the IEFTA is now Manager at Diversity Initiatives at the Sundance Film Festival. Both are committed to continue their work within the IEFTA and the initiatives we create. On the home front, we’re delighted to announce our latest Monaco project. In cooperation with the EFI, we are partnering with the Foundation for Peace on a new festival to be held in town from the 31st of October through the 2nd of November, 2014. Conceived and led by Manuel Collas De La Roche, the Foundation for Peace Festival will present relevant films and panel discussions with actors, filmmakers and Nobel laureates from around the world. The event will be yet another boost for the arts in Monaco and the region. Look for more information on our website in the coming weeks. As I write, we’re preparing to reprise our bi-annual Addis to Cannes workshop. As in 2012, we’ll host three aspiring Ethiopian filmmakers, as they travel to the South of France and participate at the festival. We’ll be showcasing their work on screen in Cannes as well as in Monte-Carlo. This year’s Addis to Cannes event runs from the 16th through the 20th of May. Activities will include a public screening of work by our guest filmmakers at a venue in Monaco on Saturday the 18th, followed by the 2nd Annual Villa Nocturne Gala honouring our members and supporters on the 19th (Sunday). Beside workshops for our filmmakers in Cannes and Monaco, there will be filmmaking activities in Cannes. Finally and significantly, I ask each of you to consider how you would like to be involved in the effort? Is it a contribution of time, talent, resources or any combination thereof, that’s most appropriate for you? As ever, we’re actively seeking lead sponsors for both projects, but there are so many ways to contribute meaningfully beyond signing a check. While the rewards of involvement may be hard to quantify, the qualitative difference that you can make in the lives of our Ethiopian neighbours is, frankly, staggering. I can be reached at this email or the numbers listed below to provide further information or answer questions about the IEFTA and our ambitious plans for 2014 and beyond.   Sincerely, Marco A Orsini President & Founding Board Member +33 (0)607 93 92 45 ...